When there is an issue, or you receive an email you are unsure of, and if your first thought is, OMG, I have been hacked...

You are not doing enough!

Wouldn't it be great to feel comfortable online, knowing that your details are locked down and NO ONE can access what belongs to you and interrupt your business?

It is possible, however, most of us think we don't need to, or it's too faffy to set up or the most dangerous thought there is...

I am just a small fish. They don't want me!


This guide contains 3 steps and helpful advice. You might still be hacked, but know that if you do everything I suggest, the hackers who do manage to get through will have had to work really hard.

I will explain how you can close and lock all your windows and doors and padlock them.

If this is difficult for you to action and it confuses you, then at the end of the guide there is a chance to book one hour with me, I will help you set this up and get you sorted...and trust me, what I charge per hour will be a lot less than it will cost you if you are hacked!

Beyond 2FA: Why Your Security Needs More Than Just a Second Layer - Don't Stop Yet, Elevate Your Protection.