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Recommended Reading

This Is Your Missing Puzzle Piece

If you feel like you have been on that path already and, no matter what, you just can't push through to get your idea/dream launched, then maybe you're missing something.

It's not another training course or software, and I am sure you don't need any more stationary (even though a new notepad and pen would be a good idea).

You need to find that puzzle piece inside you... you do have it.

Rocket Fuel

The book's name does not reflect what is inside.

It's not about rocket fuel, per se; however, if you want to take your business to the next level, then this is the book you need.

There are visionaries and integrators in the business world, and when we lean into our strengths and work with our opposites, we work on the things we love.

Are you a Visionary or an Integrator?

The Formula

I am a massive F1 fan so bought this book as I was intrigued...

However, it's so much more than that.

A strong theme of the book covers opportunists and creating something from nothing.

When you think your idea is impossible because it does/doesn't already exist, this book gets you thinking...

What would you do if there was no limit?

Move The Needle

I first came across this book a few years ago and was drawn to it.

As a busy professional woman juggling home, kids, family plans, and running a business, I thought it was impossible to have it all. How do others manage and seem not to struggle?

This book answered that for me.

Everyone struggles. Everything is a challenge or compromise, and you are normal!

There are two choices in life for building a business: just life taking off a plaster, fast and painful or slow and painful - you choose.

So stop worrying about it, make a plan and do it.

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing

You wouldn't find this book in business growth. However, this book offers insights that give clarity.

Have you ever struggled with anything? Addiction, depression, anxiety, grief... the horrible things that feel like they hold you back.

Matthew Perry opens up and shares his story.

Life isn't all roses; however, if you have something to work for to keep you motivated and a good group of people around you, you can achieve amazing things despite how you feel.

I felt connected and grateful while reading this, if you are having a hard time read this book.

Surrounded by idiots

Depending on your personality and behaviour type you can often feel like you are surrounded by others who just don't 'get it'

What might seem logical for you might seem alien to others, or you might be the person who looks at others and wonders, 'How the hell can they do that?'

Our behaviour type is neither one nor the other, and we will change throughout our lives; however, understanding who you are and also those around you will help you become more patient with others and for others you will see it's good to lean more on those who can!

If you want to understand more, this book is for you.

This Is Your Missing Puzzle Piece

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