Start Your Online Business the right way with Fully Functioning Tech and none of the headaches

Attention: Digital Creators, Visionaries and Change Makers

GO FROM FEELING FROZEN and paralysed with indecision to feeling empowered and in control of your WONDERFUL BUSINESS.






I’ll show you the possibilities for your business and together we’ll solve the tech and mindset roadblocks so that no obstacle needs to prevent your path to success.

“I've gained so much more confidence in a year, in my own ability, and believing in myself. Working with Paula is so empowering. If you've got the seed of an idea and you want to nurture it and see it grow. She's a good gardener!” Jen Street

Overpromised and Under Delivered?

The Sad Truth About Building Your Online Business

The internet is full of course creators and marketers promising the earth - “Make 6,7, or 8 figures, I did it so you can too!”... but in reality, they deliver very little.

When I started my business in 2020 I took countless courses which assured me that I could make a fortune if I followed in their footsteps. What I learned was the surface-level how-tos. How to start an email list, how to create a course, how to do this and how to do that…. But what was missing was often the back-end integrations you need to get the whole thing working properly and seamlessly.

And when you don't know how the back end works you can end up spending an awful lot of money on more courses to learn the other stuff or ‘fixers’, who charge a fortune to do simple things or keep the mystery alive, ensuring you are non-the-wiser and not in full control of your own business.

I know you’ve already bought courses and invested in your business, yet you:

  • Still feel unsure of what your next step looks like

  • Don't understand the tech behind the scenes

  • Feel like you are throwing good money after bad, trying to fix problems

  • Want to move faster but feel like your lack of systems & tech knowledge is slowing you down

  • Wasted time trying to implement someone else's funnel blueprint only to realise it was never a good fit for your business

  • Tried the other options that the course guru recommended

  • Feel overwhelmed with all the choices and no further forward

But I am here to help WALK YOU THROUGH the tech set-up in a way that makes sense, costs less and gives you full control over the running of your own business and the confidence to DO IT YOUR WAY.

Even with...

  • Lack of clarity around what the best options look like

  • No cost (or v. low cost) investment in any additional required software

  • A desire to keep things simple and low-tech

  • Perfectionist tendencies that force you to have all the answers (so you can’t start anything before studying for another 6 months)

  • Fears around failure or even success

  • Lack of clarity around what the best options look like

Start building the BUSINESS YOU NEED and transform your tech within 12 months, AT YOUR OWN PACE without the gurus telling you to buy more shiny objects.

Your Business, Your Way

Imagine having a sense of pride in what you’ve created. You took your time and followed your calling - and now you have a business that works for you and not the other way around.

Having Courage

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, safe in the knowledge that you are not alone, with an accountability partner to help you see your ideas through to completion.

The Confidence Boost You Need

What if the tech side of your business was easy to manage after all? I’ll help you make sense of the jargon and show you how things work - simply and effectively.

This is all possible. And it’s why I created

The Complete Business Toolkit.



This is a 12-month growth container to achieving the awesome business you are absolutely capable of running.

It’s not just another course. But also a comprehensive system of lessons, peer-group learning, bite-sized modules and handy guides, PLUS dedicated 1:1 business support from an expert Integrator.

Join and within 12 months, walk away with a fantastic business online model that runs on mainly on autopilot!

Here’s what’s included:

1:1 BESPOKE COACHING CALLS -Taking place once or twice a month, at a pace which feels comfortable to you. (Worth £860)

1 x 90 minute In Depth Planning session at the start of our journey together

1 x 60 minute Social Media content planning session

1 x 60-minute Facebook Meta session

1 x 60 minute Email and Business Planning session

Plus 7 x 1:1 Coaching call sessions for use to work together on your business.

All recorded on Zoom and sent to you afterwards so you won't forget a thing.

  • Business Email Set-up

  • Magic Legal Obligations

  • Choosing an Email Service Provider

  • MailerLite Basics

  • MailerLite Advanced

  • Active Campaign Basics

  • Active Campaign Advanced

  • Business and Email Planner for 12 months

  • Facebook Groups

  • Facebook Pages

  • Facebook Meta Controls

  • Understanding the basics of Social Media Posting

  • Create your own 6 Month Social Media Planner

Plus the 3 Masterclasses with workbooks (worth £445)

Plus these how-to sessions (worth £447)

  • Learn to use Calendly

  • Learn to use Stripe payment

  • Learn to connect your tech with Zapier

  • Website build and host your own

  • Facebook Ads 'Get started the easy way'

  • Introduction to Canva

  • Cookiebot Integration

  • Thinkific 'Build your first course for free, made easy'

  • Trademarking 'Why your business needs it'

  • Zoom - 'How to have a problem-free Zoom call and stay in control'

  • Google Made Easy

  • Staying safe & secure with two factor Authentication (2FA)

Plus 1 year access to the Chat With Paula Membership (worth £225)

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Membership Portal for connection and replays

  • Weekly pomo session

  • Weekly 1 hour calls covering

    • Tech Sessions

    • Accountability

    • Power of Yes

    • Hot Seats

    • Q&A

    • Member launches

    • Special Guests

Plus 12 months of WhatsApp access (priceless!)

  • Get your questions or queries answered sooner rather than later, know that you are not alone and I am in your corner.

    Office hours are 8am - 6pm UK time.