'If you have always done what you have been advised, done all the training, bought and implemented all the courses and the books, and are still stuck, then maybe you are missing your own puzzle piece.'

Paula Tadzik

This is Your Missing Puzzle Piece.

We are all given one shot at living our best lives.

There is no dress rehearsal.

This is it. You are doing it.

I am a mum, wife, and successful business owner. I live in the south of Poland in a fantastic house, surrounded by a forest and a stream. I have created passive income streams, a coaching business, and a business of holiday lets.

Happily married since 2005, and I have three exceptional children.

Sounds fairly impressive. But that is because of what I chose to tell you.

We can choose what we tell ourselves and others. Ultimately this is what we believe.

No one is going to help you until you help yourself, and then you realise that the only person you can rely on is you. Then you start to bet on yourself, and I am sure, once you are on a mission, then no one can stop you!

”Paula has been my business coach for a year now and this book captures her passion and forthright attitude. She’s taken the long route so you don’t have to! And she will drive alongside you by means of this book or be right next to you in the car through her online courses and membership system”

- Nessa

”A down to earth book that shares real life relatable stories and extremely helpful exercises to progress forward in our businesses. I love the conversational style of the book that makes me feel I’m getting great advice from a good friend who is happy to share some personal stories to help me forward.”

- Pauline

I can tell you that practice makes ‘………’

No, it's not perfect. If you are looking for perfect this is the wrong book.

Practice just makes you less shit than you were before.

Why are we not able to recognise our own frigging awesomeness?

On the rest of this journey, you will let go of a few things. And that is okay. You see there are only so many balls you can juggle!

Remember, you may know what you are doing. Maybe your foundations are still strong.

I urge you to keep working on you. Invest in yourself and in your mindset until you realise that there is nothing wrong.

The sad truth is, most will read this, and think it is lovely, and that is all it is.
You have the opportunity here to do the work. You see, no one can tell you what is missing. The answer is deep inside of you. You are the key to the whole missing piece.

This is real and raw, it’s how life is and it’s true. Scared to learn, you should be.

”What a fantastic book, full of so much insight and a real realisation of why some things aren’t working for me and my business, it’s given me a clear path forward on how I can grow my business and work on myself! Thank you!.”

- Megan

”This book is a must for anyone wanting to set up a small business. It is a raw and honest account of what it takes to make it a success. Humorous and insightful, this is an excellent introduction to working with Paula.”

- Victoria

”Part autobiography, part memoir and part self-help business workbook. This book helps business owners and start ups to find answers to their innermost questions and reveal the answers that will build strong foundations for success.

Paula describes the life lessons that taught her how to get ahead in business. She calls BS on common sales and marketing tactics that promise the earth but do not deliver and explains how she is finding a more ethical way to make money and grow her business.

Through her hard won experience, innate talents and practical guidance, Paula shares the secrets to leaving a job that controls you by finding your purpose, creating a career that aligns with your true calling and growing a profitable business that you love.”

- Ella

Have you ever been on a mission to get something done?

That wardrobe that had to be sorted, the oven that needed cleaning or one of my favs, clearing out the car as you feared for your life with the amount of stuff the kids have left in the back, god knows what would be growing back there!

We all have these 'need just to do this' moments.

The truth is I never planned on writing a book.

The day I sat in the audience at the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) training event, the trainer said, who here wants to write a book? I didn't put up my hand – as that was one thing I was 100% sure of not doing.

Twenty-four hours later, I was sitting in the car waiting outside a shop, and I took my phone out and started making notes.

I won’t lie. It came as a surprise to me, especially as I have never typed so many words so quickly before… in 6 days 99% of what is in this book was written… just shy of 16,000 words.

Reading through the first draft, I realised it packed a punch.

It’s quite something when what you are doing feels right. All this just fell out of my head and into a book.

It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. A liberating experience.

Everything you build, if you want it to last, needs foundations.

”This book is called find your missing puzzle piece for a reason.

I'm one of those people that loves to learn and soak up all I can to improve and develop. Free webinars here, 5 day challenges there, business books galore. I learn and implement as much as I can along the way and I leave behind techniques that don't align with my values.

However, nothing spoke to me in quite the same way as Paula does in this book.

I started building my small business about a year ago and always felt like everything I was doing didn't quite work, pushing to achieve all the time, a bit like Paula felt; like a square peg in a round hole.

After reading this book (and doing the actual work) I realised what my missing puzzle piece is. And it wasn't what I thought it might be! Thankfully, I am at a stage in my business where I can adjust and pivot. I'm now solidly working on building my foundation with clarity and what feels like permission to not do the same as everyone else. I'm spending the last few months of this year planning my strategy and goals to build and grow a very different business in 2024.”

- Lyndsey Allen

The Book That Was Never Meant To Be

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”This book is a great start for anyone who wishes to start their own business. It helps you get perspective of the concept of the avenues you want to go down and what areas would work well for you as not all businesses run the same.

I have now found that this book has given me the motivation to work on my business so I can then see the results of growth. It has been written well taking everything possible into consideration and it wasn't hard work to read as even though it's educational, interesting it has been written with a good sense of humour making a good read which I found that I wanted to carry on reading it and not putting it on the book shelf to collect dust.”

- Sharron Plant

”I found this book really helpful setting up my fledgling business. Having been employed and worked in an established business for over twenty years I found myself ‘shy’ at setting up my own business that started as a hobby.

Paula’s book made me realise that I don’t need to feel that way. It has made me feel confident about moving forward and believing in myself.

The workbook element is great too as it gets you to really think about yourself and your business and answer questions that you wouldn’t think to ask yourself!

I have found it a valuable tool and would definitely recommend it."

- Nancy

Writing this book has enabled me to help many more people than I may even have the chance to meet.

I am here to share that our beliefs are just that, but they define and rule how we live our lives.

Not all beliefs are good and some are so limiting they can actually be dangerous.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you nearly killed yourself in the process of getting it?

There is a reason, the question is, do you know why?

If you want to make that change, if you want to know what is holding you back, if you are ready, then you need this book.

This is your missing puzzle piece, it will open doors in your thinking that have held you back for years.

When you are shown the right things to do, the next things to tackle and the right battles to fight (and more importantly the ones to leave!), then life becomes fun, challenges become easier and then you start to see changes happening with less resistance.
I am here to help you cut through the crap and move forward on purpose, it's time to put that date next to your dream and push it into reality!

The Book That Was Never Meant To Be

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